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Nora Finds

Nora Finds

There's so much to love about Nora Finds. Not only does she have a vintage collection that would make any girl's heart flutter, but she's also a neuroscientist! We're sharing a look into her busy, but ever so elegant, life today.

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When did you start adopting a vintage wardrobe? Did anything in particular kick-start your love?

I probably started about 9 years ago. I went into a second hand shop randomly and found so many beautiful stuff that I don't see in the high street. The trend at the time didn't suit me so I tried to find alternative, and at that point I was also still trying to figure out my style.

What's your favorite decade of style?

That's a really difficult one - I alternate between 30s, 40s and 50s a lot but I also love the 70s flowy silhouette. I love all of them for different reasons!

Where are your go-to places to shop?

Online - I find going into shops really overwhelming so I do most of my shopping on Etsy, eBay and Instagram.

nora finds gurl crushes

You have an amazing vintage collection, what do you see in todays fashion that you think will last 100 years from now? 

I think with the way fashion is manufactured nowadays a lot of fashion items won't survive and will just end up in a mine fill. I think the pieces that will survive will be the couture garments - pieces that take a lot of time and effort to produce.

Are there vintage trends that you admire, but wouldn't try yourself?

1930s thin brows haha!

nora finds gurl crushes
nora finds gurl crushes

Does your love for vintage end at just clothes, or is your home full of vintage finds as well?

I have some vintage home accessories, but I respect that vintage is my passion but not the husband's. I think finding the balance between vintage and modern is really important not only in my home but in all aspects of life.

You're originally from Jakarta, then you moved to Sydney and now you're in London. What inspired those big moves? Is there somewhere else you'd like to find yourself living one day?

I moved to Sydney to attend university and then I worked there and became Australian. My husband is British and I want to experience living in London as it has so much going on and while we are still young! I'm not sure I'll ever move anywhere else - I've done two big moves in my life and if I was going to move ever again it would be back to Sydney, haha!

You're not just a fashionista - you're a Neuroscientist! What's an average day for you like?

I work 9-5 in a research laboratory working on fruit flies and molecular biology. When I get home I do a bit of journaling, meditating, and blogging. I usually binge watch some TV series with dinner and read a book before bed.

What inspired you to become a neuroscientist?

I have to say I kinda fell into neuroscience. I wasn't quite sure what I wanted to do for university and chose medical science as I wanted to do something that's science related (it was my major in high school). I found my degree really challenging and almost fell into depression. I realised almost immediately that I didn't want to be a doctor and took a chance on a summer placement in a research laboratory in my second year. I ended up falling in love with research and really loved my research topic which was Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis. I then decided to pursue an Honours degree to gain more research skills and ended up working as a research technician.

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If you could give advice to women following in your footsteps, what would it be?

Really think about whether a career in science is for you. Talk to as many scientists as possible, explore different aspects of science, and figure out your strengths and weaknesses.

You're an inspiration to many women online, who do you gather YOUR inspiration from? Do you have any Gurl Crushes yourself?

Anyone who is comfortable in their own skin. I think anyone who is confident is so admirable!

nora finds gurl crushes

You can keep following along with Nora online over on her blog and Instagram.

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