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Sophia Rosemary

Sophia Rosemary

Today we're sharing a look into the life of a Manchester blogger, Sophia Rosemary. When chatting with Sophia, there are so many things that stand out about her besides her wonderful fashion sense - she's kind, bubbly, and such a friendly person. There's no doubt in our mind that she makes a great Gurl Crush! 

sophia rosemary gurl crushes

How would you describe an average day for you?

I feel like no two days are really the same! Ordinarily I wake up drink lots and lots of coffee and make a start getting ready. I sit down with my laptop and go through emails... this can normally take a while. Then it's either make a start on writing or go take photos/make my way into town to meet my photographer Rosie for blog shoots!

You've got a big following on Instagram! What would you say is the best part of being an influencer is? What's the most difficult?

I find the word influencer a little daunting! It's a lot of pressure to think my thoughts, views or taste the impressionable on to another person BUT that said... it's also a really lovely thing that I can use what little voice I have to make an impact on another girls life and inspire her to be whoever she wants to be and dress however she wants to dress!

We know you're from Manchester - what do you love most about your city? Could you ever see yourself moving away?

No way! There's a lot of cities I absolutely love, but envitably none of them will ever feel as much like home to me as Manchester does! I love that Manchester kind of just does it's own thing and sings to its own hymn sheet. We've got our own sense of style in a lot of aspects and we're 100% proud of that.

sophia rosemary gurl crushes

You originally started off with just an Instagram account. When did you decide to take the plunge into blogging? 

I was unhappy in my job at the time and I could slowly see my Instagram was getting more and more attention (which was lovely!) but it reached a point where I had to decide what I wanted to do with this opportunity in front of me. It was infuriating that Instagram was limiting me to what I could say and in how much detail so I started my blog! It was the creative scape goat from my job that I needed and it pushed me to work harder and harder at it.

Do you often work with brands? What was that process like?

It depends on the brand! I never work with anyone or anything I don't necessarily believe in, and I guess that's the beginning process of any collaboration. It's about building a good rapport and relationship with a brand and growing from there!

sophia rosemary gurl crushes
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Speaking of working with brands, which one would be your dream to work with?

Ooooh, I guess the list is too long! There are lots of brands I've had the opportunity to work with this year - which are a dream come true and I've definitely ticked off my wish list. I feel super lucky! 

It's five years into the future - where do you see yourself?

I often have this discussion with myself and I have an idea. Blogging is still so new in the grand scheme of things and it's hard to say how it will evolve and whether I'll want to evolve with it! We will just have to wait and see!

Is blogging and running your brand your full time job, or is it more of a side-gig?

Only recently did start full time blogging. Although, I still work in buying and merchandising 2 days a week because I absolutely loved the last job I was in... which is ironic really, when you think one of the main factors that pushed me with my blog was a job i hated!

If you could give advice to women following in your footsteps, what would it be?

It's a cheesy one but please please please be yourself and do not take everything you see on social media so literally. I see too many girls trying to be what they think a "blogger" is and it's like this cookie-cutter perfect lifestyle which isn't realistic! Enviably, they will loose their own sense of style and character that makes them unique and special. Try not to compare yourself to the next girl as hard as that can be... Everyone is different.

sophia rosemary gurl crushes
sophia rosemary gurl crushes

Finally, it's no secret that you an inspiration to many of us online. Where do you gather your inspiration from? Any Gurl Crushes yourself out there?

Lots and lots of girls inspire me. I feel super lucky to have been brought up in a girl heavy environment and my mum is a huge inspiration to me. There are a lot of bloggers out there who absolutely kickass and have been such a huge support to me- Alice Catherine, Liv Purvis, Megan Ellaby, Lauren Afterglow, Bubbly Aquarius, to name a few.


You can keep following along with Sophia Rosemary online over on her blog and Instagram.

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